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Asbestos Specialist
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Asbestos has been commonly used in both commercial and domestic building projects since the end of WWII until the mid 1980's. However any building which was built or redeveloped up to 2000 could still contain asbestos.

The operatives of Don Church Ltd have been trained to a minimum of Cat A - Asbestos Awareness with key staff trained to CAT B - non licensed work in line with UKATA requirements. With this level of training we are able to provide most asbestos services required in the domestic sector. All our works are carried out in strict accordance with The Approved Code of Practice - Working with Materials Containing Asbestos L143 and the Asbestos Essential Manual HSG210 published by the Health and Safety Executive

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Specialist Asbestos Work Undertaken
Textured Coatings
The most common form in the home is Artex and and drilling of or fixing to must be carried out by CAT B trained person.
Thermoplastic Floor Tiles
The tiles and their adhesive can contain asbestos. Kept whole present little risk. Removal by CAT B only.
Flush Tanks
The older moulded flush tanks; bakerlite contain asbestos CAT B only able to remove.
Asbestos sheets and asbestos containing slates also contain asbestos and require careful handling.
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